SAMEBLOOD In Post-Production

After years of hard work, filming in the US and Egypt, and sculpting the story with editor Simon El Habre (Little Lizard Films), I am happy to announce that our feature documentary SAMEBLOOD (dir. Oday Sadoon) is in its final stages of post production. We are now working with sound designer Victor Bresse and colorist Belal Hibri (Lucid Post), both in Beirut, and have begun looking at our festival run (and more information on that will be posted here and on the SAMEBLOOD site,

Producing SAMEBLOOD has been an immensely fruitful creative experience, and it has given me the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and giving people in the business.  After completing the final cut with Simon last Fall, we had the great pleasure of working with German composer and musician Jan Paul Werge, whose music interprets and deepens the narrative of SAMEBLOOD. Now that Victor and Belal have joined the team of international artists contributing their talent to tell this story, we cannot imagine any other crew doing a better job that the one we have been and are now working with.  

Thank you to our friends and supporters for your continued enthusiasm along each step of this journey. And thank you to all of the artists who've touched this film. We love you and we are grateful you could be a part of this with us!