Partnering with Pass the Crayon in Berlin

Every day we hear in the news how governments and large NGOs are trying to navigate the current refugee situation, necessarily working through politics and cumbersome bureaucracies in order to find the most viable, impactful, and politically agreeable solutions. What is not commonly heard are the stories of the many stellar grassroots organizations that are positively changing the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people nearly every day in the simplest of ways. One of these organizations, Pass the Crayon, offers arts workshops to refugee children in Berlin, Germany. They believe in using art to help these kids “grow their social and emotional skills,” and develop “self-confidence, self-awareness, and relationship-building skills….” I am so thrilled to share that this August I will be partnering with Pass the Crayon to conduct a film workshop with the children at one of their partner shelters in Berlin.


The week-long workshop will be a crash-course in pre-production for narrative film, focusing on story, character development, script format, and storyboarding. Through a combination of games, collaborative activity, and hands-on tutorial, students will learn about how to tell (and show) a compelling story, and they’ll get to create their own scripts and accompanying storyboards. I can’t wait to spend some time with this great organization, and see what the kids come up with when they get into their creative space!